Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Magic Saree ?

Magic Saree is a concept of stitched SMART saree that can be worn in few seconds. The entire saree is completely stitched. Magic Saree is designed in two mail Styles. SKIRT & Wraparound style. The USP of Magic Saree is every single Saree looks like a perfect drape, completely stitched, yet gives a look of a seamless drape that can be draped in few seconds. Every saree can be worn by many sizes as it is in a normal saree.

2. What are the other methods by which we can see Magic Saree collection.

You can see our complete range online on our E store – www.magicsaree.com. Show Room – 39 Shahpurjat New Delhi-110049 Facebook Shop – www.facebook.com/magicsaree Instagram – www.instagram.com/magicsaree Whats App showcase - +919958994814 Call - +919871114777

3. Does it look like normal saree ?

Yes Magic saree looks like normal drape saree and does not look like a Stitched saree at all. The beauty & stitch of magic saree is so seamless that no one can make out its stitched.

4. Hope the Saree will not open ?

The Wraparound saree is designed scientifically to fit elegantly & effectively on feminine body. The saree has double safety tool of knot & two DEEP SAFTY HOOKS, which if tightly hooked stays comfortable through out the day.

5. Do you use Elastic ?

No we do not use Elastic to give size flexibility. The same is designed on a thin belt in order to give you a perfect look of an unstitched saree.

6. Are the Pleats only stitched?

The Saree is completely stitched with an underlining (petticoat), pleats are also stitched.

7. Are all your Saree are Magic saree.

Yes all our Saree are MAGIC SAREE, created in wrap around & Skirt style, we do not sell normal sarees.

8. DO we need to wear petticoat under Magic saree

No you need not wear petticoat under Magic Saree, a its stitched with in the saree Magic Saree SIZING

9. Will if fit me ?

Magic Saree Wraparound style can be worn by anyone between waistline size 28 to 42 inches, in case you your waistline falls into this bracket our wrap around style magic saree will fit you.for sizes above 42 inches please select PLUS SIZE in the Navigator Tab of our E Store.

10. Iam Tall 5 ft 7’ / Iam too short …how can I buy Magic Saree ?

Magic Saree is designed to cater to the average Indian ladies height of 5’1 to 5’3 ft. for our operation ease and your convenience to take your measurement; we will talk about the length measurement in inches. Saree measurement is taken from end of backbone ( on waistline) to the floor length. Please include the desired heel you wish to wear in the total length measurement. Over the counter magic saree length end on backbone to floor length is 41 inches. In case of length lower or higher please select the customisation option on product page as per the length availability for respective products. a. Choose your height in Feet & inches b. Choose your waistline ( where you would tie the saree)

11. My waistline is 45 inches. Do you have Magic saree for me too.

Yes we have our exclusive Plus size Range of Magic Saree which caters to waistline 42 to 55 inches you can find the collection in navigator section of our E store.

12. Can Me & My daughter wear wear the same saree; She wears Heels & I don’t ?

Yes if you & your daughter are between the waistline 28 to 42 inch waistline & an inch difference in height can share the same saree if worn below or above the navel.


13. Is Magic saree effective for Cottons ?

Magic saree looks equally Elegant on Cotton Saree

14. What all fabric can be converted to Magic Saree.

Magic saree can be designed from any fabric Like cotton, silk chiffon georgette etc. we don’t recommend making wraparound style saree on transparent fabric like tissue, Net etc MAGIC SAREE STITCHING JOB WORK

15. Can we Get our wardrobe saree stitched into Magic saree?

Yes we Recreate Magic Saree with your wardrobe saree, please select the Tailor Made section of our E store or contact our Digital sales team +919958994814 for assistance. We accept Magic Saree as per 03 packages based on number of sarees given together.

16. Why 05 meters Saree cant be made in wrap around style Magic saree?

Magic Saree is designed in moon shape giving effective & elegant fit ; also the same caters to wide range of waistline which will also be worn by ladies having hip size, also have complete flexibility of movement with adequate pleats sizing. The saree being wraparound is overlapping in case of material shorter than 5.5 meters can not be made in wrap around but can be stitched in Skirt style.

17. Do you cut the saree if we give our saree ?

Yes the saree is cut and it can not be brought back to normal saree. MAGIC SAREE WASH CARE

18. Is there any problem in washing & maintenance?

The wash care of Magic Saree is specifically as per the fabric requirement. We recommend the First was for all our Magic Sarees to be dry-cleaned. Heavy saree should not be put in hangers. Ironing of pleats is easy open ironing and does not require line wise pleat ironing.

19. How Can we Iron ?

Iron of Magic Saree is simple & Seemless , open the pleat area, & plain iron the pleate are without creating the pleate lining. Once the Magic saree is held in hand from belt the pleat will automatically fall in place.

20. How do we fold the saree ?

The folding process of Magic Saree is very specific keeping in mind the pleates should not be spoilt. Please see the video link in the blog section. The Magic Saree has two rope to tie, bring the two rope in place in a fold there after the saree needs to be rotated and folded till the entire fabric is assembled together.